Your transport solution

Arid Group specializes in:

  • Express

  • Retailers

  • Pharma division

Arid Group is the holding for:

  • Anytrans (Luxemburg)

  • Melchior (Li├Ęge)

More than 10 years of expertise in the BELUX.

References: Marken, UPS, Ikea,…

Our partnerships give us the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to focus our performance on organizational goals. It is the fuel that allows us to deliver the best results.

Our goal:

Our goal:

Reaching & exceeding the delivery precision target. Taking away large retailers home delivery capacity constraints.



  • Solid IT Platform
  • Financial stability
  • Knowhow B2C & B2B market
  • Large network to scale up fleet
  • Flexible fleet from trailer to bike
  • Innovative